A Break from the everyday grind at Sinisen Pyörän Kievari – sauna evenings, parties and camps amongst nature

Sinisen Pyörän Kievari offers an experience at every time of the year in a homely environment. At our inn, you can have a real break from the everyday grind. You can spend a peaceful sauna evening with your friends, pamper your loved ones with time together or spend the most important festive events of your life in the beautiful natural surroundings of the island.

You can also order camp and conference packages at Sinisen Pyörän Kievari. 

A country house rich in atmosphere in the middle of the naturally beautiful Hailuoto Finland

The ferry crossing to Hailuoto is a good moment to take the phone away from your ear and leave all hurries on the continent. The homestead yard of the country house, with its old buildings and objects, is like a memory of the grandparents’ place.

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Kievari is open


Kievari is now open daily 11-17 Lunch, cafe and accommodation info@sinisenpyorankievari.fi Read more »