Accommodation and Party Facilities

A stage for parties and meetings. At the same time, you can stay over in comfort.

The inn has been renovated with a respect for the old. Charming details make Kievari a delightful holiday location. The party facilities are suited equally well to private functions and bigger parties, as well as serving as meeting facilities. In the summer, parties and weddings can be held in the homestead yard. The granary can be used as a dancefloor and tents guarantee that the party guests will stay dry in the event of rain.

Accommodation Facilities

The Main Building

4 individual rooms, each of which has its own rustic ambience. There is a cosy living room and shower linked to the rooms.

The Cowshed

The old timber-framed cowshed has been renovated as a spacious meeting, training and party facility. It can hold around 80 persons.

In the summer, the yard area of Kievari bursts into bloom and guests also have an opportunity to stay in the outbuildings, which exude an old-time air.

The Stable

A small two-person room and a larger room for 5-6 people with a sleeping attic.

The Clothes Storehouse

An old outbuilding on two levels with sleeping accommodation for seven people.

Eikka’s Shed

A large communal dormitory which can take as many as ten guests.

The Hetekka Hotel

A large communal barn which can take eight guests.

The Outside Sauna

In the yard sauna of Kievari, you can enjoy steam sessions in a traditional outside sauna and cool down on the big terrace. The hot tub is heated upon order.